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Merit Based Scholarship

Merit-based scholarships are mostly related to academic performance. This scholarship will give artistic or athletic excellence to a candidate. We can say that all academic scholarships are merit scholarships but not all merit scholarships are academic scholarships. We at Indian Scholarship Exam, Offer you a chance to winning a Merit-based scholarship for 8th Std to Post Graduate. If you are good in your academics or having a good merit score then this opportunity is for you!! Apply for Merit Scholarships Now

About the Scholarship :

Our Merit-Based Scholarships are designed to encourage and reward the meritorious performance of the student based on their results. Exam Pattern and syllabus is defined on site according to their respective streams. To apply for the merit based scholarship online you have to register by paying Rs.600/-. After the registration process you just need to prepare for the exam. The exam will be conducted online by ISE and the result of the exam will be announced on our official site. Apply Merit based Scholarship Online...

Scholarship Prizes:

  •  AREAS OF STUDY : All streams.
  •  LEVEL : Class 8th to Post Graduate.
  •  SCHOLARSHIP FUNDED BY : Indian Scholarship Exam (ISE).
  •  PROVIDED TO : Students of Class VIII to XII of all board as well as graduate, post graduate students.

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Application Fee ₹ 600 for all candidates
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