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Academic Marks Based Scholarship

This academic scholarship is an excellent motivator to keep going when exams and revision are stressing you out, as well as the need for an extra boost for your student budget. This academic based scholarships can be helpful when you are worried about the cost of university/ college, or managing your money for education. You do not have to take any exams in the academic scholarship. All you have to do is give us last year's result. We create a quarterly merit list based on your merits and then announce the results. for this scholarship you don't have prepare for any exam. This is totally "No Scholarship Exam". The discount you get in your academic year or the discounts you get in college and exam fees are mentioned for Academic Marks Based Scholarship. Read it carefully once before proceeding. If you do not want to lose this golden opportunity, register today by paying Rs. 300/-. We Provide Academic Excellence Scholarship for all Indian students. All Benefits, tuition fees & Exam fees are described: Before Apply for Academic Scholarships check Eligibility Criteria and documents required for the application process.

Academic Marks Based Scholarship has 2 sections: 1) Mahatma Gandhi Indian Scholarship 2) Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Scholarship

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Application Fee ₹ 300 for all candidates
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